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We perform complete overhaul of Galeb aircrafts.

Overhaul of GALEB aircraft comprises complete overhaul of airframe and all the assemblies by phases:

  • Aircraft disassembly into assemblies
  • Equipment disassembly
  • Washing and paint removal
  • Aircraft airframe and equipment troubleshooting
  • Parts repair (airframe, accessories, special equipment)
  • Electrochemical protection of airframe parts
  • Inter-operation painting
  • Assembly, testing, adjustment
  • Aircraft alignment
  • Final painting
  • Aircraft final flight testing and adjustment

Two-seat, low-wing trainer and strike aircraft. Auxiliary drop fuel tanks at wingtips.

Power plant: One Bristoll Siddeley Viper XI turbojet, rated at 1,130 kg.
Dimensions: Wing span 10.47 m, length 10.34 m, height 3.28 m.
Weight: Empty 2,620 kg, with crew and armament 3,828 kg.
Speed: 756 km/h and maximum 812 km/h.
Range: 1,250 km        
Ceiling: 12,000 m
Structure: Metal